Love them or hate them, somebody keeps voting these guys into the White House. But who are they? Armed with Wikipedia and an overactive imagination, I aimed to find out... or at least GIF one new president each day for 45 days...


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#1 - GEORGE WASHINGTON. Founding a new country is hard. Founding a new country while riding a puppy is adorable.

#2 - JOHN ADAMS. When George Washington declined to serve a third term, it left a giant hole in the heart of America. A hole John Adams tried desperately to fill with karaoke.

#3 - THOMAS JEFFERSON. Some said that Thomas Jefferson spent too much time at the barbershop. But everyone else just said "Damn, lookin' fresh Thomas!!"

#4 - JAMES MADISON. James Madison was a wiz at writing American constitutions. Roller-skating, not so much...

#5 - JAMES MONROE. James Monroe found himself locked out of the White House after many a wild night. His boombox serenades would become the inspiration for Cameron Crowe's 1989 teen dramedy.

#6 - JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. Son of uptight prez #2, John Jr. rebranded himself as John “Quincy” Adams, America’s Fun-Time President™.

#7 - ANDREW JACKSON. Although his memoir claims he "never watched DuckTales," Andrew Jackson was known for swimming daily in his money vault.

#8 – MARTIN VAN BUREN. A financial crisis may have lost Van Buren his re-election, but he went on to make a fortune in bumper stickers.

#9 – WILLIAM HARRISON. Disappointed after dying 31 days into his presidency, William Harrison stuck around to conduct Oval Office Ghost Tours…for eternity.

#10– JOHN TYLER. Tyler was one of three American presidents who got their professional start as a scarecrow. Without looking it up, can you name the other two?

#11 – JAMES K. POLK. “I have come here to chew bubblegum and manifest destiny. And I’m all out of destiny.” – Jimmy P.

#12 – ZACHARY TAYLOR. Zach Taylor inadvertently inspired Nathan’s legendary hot dog eating contest when he ate 622 hot dogs at a Fourth of July BBQ. He died 5 days later.

#13 – MILLARD FILLMORE. After an unremarkable presidency, Fillmore tried to spice up his legacy by starring in his own "hilarious" sitcom. Unfortunately television wouldn't be invented for another 74 years.

#14 – FRANKLIN PIERCE. Franklin Pierce might have been a terrible president, but at least he looked good doing it.

#15 – JAMES BUCHANAN. Many have tried to dethrone Buchanan as America's Worst President, but dividing the nation and flushing the economy down the toilet isn't as easy as it looks.

#16 – ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Putting America back together wasn’t nearly as hard as keeping the peace in Abe’s Monday Night Bowling League.

#17 – ANDREW JOHNSON. To celebrate the end of the Civil War, Good Ol’ Boy Johnson attempted to bring bacon to the union.

#18– ULYSSES S. GRANT. This father of four loved nothing more than embarrassing his kiddos with shower ballads and the same old war stories (told over and over and over again). Happy Father's Day!

#19 – RUTHERFORD HAYES. President Hayes was rejecting blind consumerism and drinking artisanal coffee long before it was “cool.”

#20 – JAMES GARFIELD. Loved lasagna, hated Mondays.

#21 – CHESTER ARTHUR. Perhaps best known for his epic facial hair, Arthur attempted to parlay that fame into a moustache-themed amusement park.

#22 – GROVER CLEVELAND. Hands down the most adorable president, Cleveland found notoriety for his unconventional methods of lowering tariffs and gathering honey.

#23 – BENJAMIN HARRISON. Grandson of America’s ninth president, “Benji” aspired to the presidency primarily to spend more quality time with Ol' Grandpa Will.

#24 – GROVER CLEVELAND. Good Ol' Grover returned to office in 1892, so for all of you losing sleep, he DID finally get that honey.

#25 – WILLIAM MCKINLEY. In 1897, advancements in medical science inspired a collective of inventors to create “THE ULTIMATE PRESIDENT."

#26 – THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Few realize that the 1982 video game Pitfall! was in fact a faithful retelling of Roosevelt’s legendary presidency.

#27 – WILLIAM TAFT. After an awkward adolescence, Taft discovered a “magic moustache” that quickly rocketed him to the height of power and prestige.

#28 – WOODROW WILSON. Acclaimed for his industrious politics, Wilson was far less successful at family vacations.

#29 – WARREN HARDING. Extremely popular during his presidency, Harding’s legacy later took a hit after revelations of scandals, affairs and Jazzercize.

#30 – CALVIN COOLIDGE. Calvin took his slogan: “Keep Cool with Coolidge” seriously. VERY seriously.

#31 – HERBERT HOOVER. When the Great Depression hit, Hoover took to the road to cheer up the nation one comedy club at a time.

#32 – FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. FDR did a lot during his four terms, but it was ending prohibition that cemented his legacy as “The Official President of Summer Pool Parties.”

#33 – HARRY TRUMAN. Truman was the first president to live in a simulated reality, broadcast worldwide 24 hours a day.

#34 – DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER. This five-star general didn’t mess around when it came to fireworks. Happy B-day America!

#35 – JOHN F. KENNEDY. Although he never got to see America put an astronaut on the moon, JFK led the “race for space” with gusto. He also loved trampolines.

#36 – LYNDON BEE JOHNSON. America got enthusiastically bee-hind LBJ’s war on poverty. War in Vietnam was another story.

#37 – RICHARD NIXON.  In 1968, America wanted an executive-level bad boy, and “Tricky Dick” Nixon answered the call. 

#38 – GERALD FORD. Given Ford’s reputation as simple-minded and bumbling, few realized he actually possessed cat-like reflexes.

#39 – JAMES EARL (JIMMY) CARTER. President. Humanitarian. Peanut Man.

#40 – RONALD REAGAN. In 1981, America elected its first actor president, known for box office hits like "Knute Rockne, All American" and "Raging Roo 2: The Roo-venge".

#41 – GEORGE H.W. BUSH. In the new era of soundbites, H.W.'s clever catchphrase might have gotten him elected... but it cost him the next one when he couldn't deliver.

#42 – BILL CLINTON. In 1992, the MTV generation "rocked the vote," which somehow translated into a saxophone-playing, pot-smoking (but not inhaling) president.

#43 – GEORGE W. BUSH. Unsatisfied with his one-term presidency, George H. W. Bush turned to still-developing cloning technology, creating "George W. Bush" to carry on in his footsteps.

#44 – BARACK OBAMA. Despite the political divide, Americans came together on the internet where Obama quickly became the most thanked (and "thanked") president of all time.

#45 – DONALD TRUMP. Fed up with politicians, war heroes and scholars, almost half of voters were sold on Trump's "Make America Great Again" package. Did we get a lemon? Only time will tell...